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Growing Together with OJOVERSE Projects

We are a Software Development Team and try to share and be useful for others

We from Southeast Asia have more than 14 years of experience in website programming, have helped many companies, education and trying to start making 3D NFT Games for our environment called ojoverse projects. We are very excited and learn about crypto and NFT. We Open mind for suggestion , so Let me Grow together. Our Plans:

  • Create 3D Characters 10K Limited For Our Community
  • Creating 3D Games Ojoverse Games
  • Help Young People for Education Learning
  • Growing together with our Token coins
  • Combination of Physical Art with Ojoverse environment.

With the concept of collaborating with physical art products with e-commerce, someone's physical artwork will be easily recognized in the ojoverse later, helping with learning programs easily for our generation and of course also the concept of physical help with donations.

We will start distributing coin tokens, making 3D Games, 3d Characters in (.glb) format that you can used and animate other platform Virtual Verse if needed.

And of course we will share our profits through token management to our Coins and staking holders, our own 3d character holders later. Please choose your 3D Character only 10K Limited edition now and we will distribute airdop Token coins to your address who has purchased and saved our 3D character. Passion to work and keep sharing with others.

Open Partners

We Open Partners and Sponsors



We Open for sponsors in our OJOVerse Projects ( Land Ojoverse , Banner Ojoverse, Clans Ojoverse), projects games , Arena Map Games Please find and holders our 3D King OJOVERSE, 3D Chars or contact [email protected]


Join With Team Dev

We Open or Tester App, Tester Game Dev, Marketing. Please Join in our Communitry, We will send information in there in futures. Join in Discord

Our Heroes

Get Exclusive 3D Hero and Our Token Coins

KING for Investors , Partners , Sponsors

We create Exclusive or our Investors , Partners , Sponsor or funding and Running our Projects togethers

Please Find Our KING and Stake and holder for our benefit in futures. Of course can using characters game with great Attack, Defense, move, long Defense features.

Laser and Super Laser

Laser and Super Laser its unique Hero for High Techonology , Distanse Specialist , Great Long Attacked.

Parameter Hero : Distances : 10-15 , Attacked : 10-15 , Defense : 100-120 , Move : 5 , Prices 100 , +Special Attack : +30, -Weak : Defense, Infantry

Infantry and Fast Infantry

Super Army for great military Hero combat, distinguished from armored forces, great defense

Parameter Hero : Distances : 1 , Attacked : 14-18, Defense : 150-175 , Move : 7 , Prices 150 , +Special Attack : +30 (Laser), -Weak : Archer , long Archer

Archer and Long Archer

Expert marksman Distances Attacked and sword.

Parameter Hero : Distances : 10-14 , Attacked : 7-11, Defense : 100 , Move : 7 , Prices 100-120 , +Special Attack : +20 (Infantry), -Weak : Defense , super defense

Defense and Super Defense

Every War need Defense. We need this Hero for keep all on the way

Parameter Hero : Distances : 1 , Attacked : 3-5, Defense : 300-400 , Move : 2 , Prices 200-250, +Special Attack : +50 (Archer , long archer), -Weak : laser , super laser

Attack and Super Attack

Get This Hero for Attack for great Fast and Damage

Parameter Hero : Distances : 1 , Attacked :20, Defense : 200 , Move : 7 , Prices 120-150, +Special Attack : +30 (Archer , long archer), -Weak : laser , super laser

3D Heroes View Reality

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Token Coins

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Token Coins

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We spend 11% airdrop and free for community until June 2022. Please Login with your Metamask Wallet and will get and touch our token for loyalty community.